FPAA Design Files

The history of the FPAA boards has gone through multple PC board designs, from the original PIC based approaches, to the FPGA board based approaches, to the first on-chip programming based approaches.

The current approaches benefit from an open-source processor on-board the FPAA die. For this design, we are providing as open-source information for the RASP 3.0 board component, as well as for the RASP 3.0a board component, which was built in two parts, a control board and a 3.0a IC board. The files we used were Allegro / OrCAD used as part of CADENCE toolflow.

IC RASP 3.0 Board

Chip on board design

Control Board Files

IC RASP 3.0a Board

Files still to be verified, so in pre-alpha stage. Best to directly contact the lab for the current version

General Notes: