Introduction to Signal Processing
Summer 2023 (GT Metz)

We will work as individuals for each of these projects. Make sure your name is on the submission so I know who to give credit for the report; although the project will be submitted electronically, don't assume the submission system will retain any of this information.

MATLAB: We will use the computer program MATLAB for all of the projects. Your projects will require a simple understanding of MATLAB. We will use only a small fraction of MATLAB's capability in this class, and any version that solves the project is acceptable.

There is no need to show any MATLAB code unless the project explicitly asks for it. Therefore, do not include MATLAB or other code unless it is requested or absolutely necessary.

You may discuss the questions in large groups, but each individual must independently perform and write-up the required work.

Projects handed in after this deadline will not be accepted. This policy is firm, so do not fall behind! The work load will not get any lighter later in the semester.

Extensions on due dates will not be granted unless there is a very compelling reason (e.g., a medical problem). To get an extension, you must talk with me before the due date.