Introduction to Signal Processing
Summer 2023 (GT Metz)

Course Grading Policy : Your grade will be determined as the average of three exams, MATLAB-based projects, a final project, and homework.

Exams Final Projects Homework
50% 25% 15% 10%

Projects: Each of the 6 projects are equally weighted.

Final Exam: Final exam will be on the scheduled exam date.

Exams: We will have two exams in this course. The exams will be equally weighted. The exams will be closed book. You are allowed one sheet of handwritten notes, and the handwritten notes from the previous exams.
The exam might not look at all like previous book problems.
Expect the unexpected.

Homework: Each of the 8 homework assigments are equally weighted. Homework will be graded in a near binary sense if the question has had a full and complete attempt at solving the problem. It is understood the first time working through problems might have some initial mistakes.
The homework problems will be assigned from the textbook. If you have an earlier version of the book, many of the problems are identical.
A few problems will be assigned, although you are strongly encouraged to work additional problems to get mastery of the material.

Grades will be assigned on a curve; however, I will guarantee the following grades if you reach the following percentages: 89% for an A, 79% for a B, 60% for a C, and 50% for a D. Rarely does the line for a C or D move as a result of a curve; the curve for an A and B vary significantly between classes.

Honor Code: Although you are encouraged to work together to learn the course material, all work is expected to be completed individually. There will be no collaboration for the homework. All conduct in this course will be governed by the Georgia Tech honor code.