Class Schedule

Projects will consist of analytical problems, design problems, as well as our final design project. Lectures will closely correspond to the projects that we are working on that week.

Topic Date
Project #1: MOSFET device modeling & SPICE & layout parasitics Sept 8
Project #2: MOSFET Transistor Circuits and Transconductance Amplifiers Sept 29
Exam #1 Oct 6
Project #3: Stability, programmability, references, and further amplifier design Nov 3
Project #4: Analog System Design Dec 1

First Day of Class August 21
Days off: Sept 4, Oct 9 (fall break), Nov. 22, 24
Last Day of Normal Classs: Dec 1
Final Instructional Class Day: Dec 4 (decission day for taking Final Exam)

One Cadence Setup Handout used in previous ECE 4430 Class (different IC process).

Example Problems that you might want to look at before the first exam , and additional example problems (not to be turned in; good practice for exams)

FPAA starting materials : Although the large-scale Field Programmable Analog Arrays (FPAA) are not central to this course, you might find the information helpful at times this semester, and therefore we provide some FPAA starting materials.