FPAA Concepts

Although FPAA devices are not the central focus of the class this semester, some topics may touch on this material, or utilize this material. You might find it beneficial somepoint in the semester to utilize the FPAA device concept, or even measure data from FPAA devices. Therefore, we wanted to make some data explicitly accessible for this course.

FPAA Reading Material

You might find these papers useful, since they describe the IC, the tools, and the remote testing infrastructure.

Initial FPAA setup Data

In some classes, we get the class using the FPAA setup right from the beginning. The typical setup / assignment is below which might be helpful in this case. You do not need to do this assignment for this course.

We want to start the class making sure everyone has a working setup / infrastructure using the FPAA IC. In your summary, you need to mention your FPAA board setup results. including a plot showing remote and in-class measurement results.

What you will do when you are in class:

You need to have a grounding strap to use the equipment. Many of you might already have one. Yes, you would only need one per group, although each person in a group having one would be very helpful. These boards are unique, and although they look like industrial quality boards (and are close), they were developed here at GT, so you must take precautions. It is costly to replace, and I want to spare all of you of having to deal with that concern. Assume this is a requirement.