Class Schedule

Topic Date
Project #1: MOSFET device modeling & SPICE simulation Sept 12
Project #2: MOSFET Transistor Circuits Oct 3
Exam #1 Oct 12
Project #3: Amplifer circuits Nov 7
Project #4: Analog System Design Dec 2
Final Exam (Optional) Scheduled time

Student written documentation on this FPAA based course.

  • Documentation on using FPAA devices for Analog Design .
  • Documentation on the ECE 3400 course in general .

Example Problems that you might want to look at before the exam

Example Homework problems (not to be turned in; good practice for exams)

Dr. Hasler will have to be out of town a few times during the semester, and we will have appropriate substitutes (where possible, Dr. Hasler will make at least a remote appearance as well).