Course Schedule

Projects will consist of analytical problems, design problems, as well as our final design project. Lectures will closely correspond to the projects that we are working on that week. The projects center on experiments to be compiled and measured on custom Field Programmable Analog Arrays (FPAA) that have been invented at Georgia Tech after many years of research into analog circuit and signal processing.

Project Topic Project Due Date
MOSFETs and FPAA basics Circuits (FPAA CAB) Jan 13
Basic MOSFET Circuits (FPAA CAB) Jan 20
Continuous-Time Filters (i.e. Bandpass) Feb 3
Winner-Take-All (WTA) Neuron Circuits Feb 17
Macromodeling , Tools, and Building your own block Feb 28
Vector-Matrix Multiplication (VMM)+WTA Classifier March 8
Passive Biological Channels, and Diffusors (and synapses)
Neurons / Active Channels March 17
Reduced Neuron Models
Dendrites with Synapses
Spring Break (March 21-25) Break
Final Design Project (Starts Mar 27, blocks due March 31, April 7, April 14) April 21

FPAA Tool useful comments Spring 2017

Documents from Undergradate classes on using the FPAA infrastructure .

More detailed project policy information is on a separate web page

First day of class is January 9, 2017. Introduction class Lecture video

Holidays: Jan 16 (MLK)

Reference Materials on FPAA devices

Additional reference materials of Ph.D. theses that might have useful information related to this course. Partially, I want to be transparent of what I have been working on (and you can see an ancient document what I might have done in the far past), as well as some chapters are potentialy useful reading on certain subjects and I'll point that out where useful.