Story of the tiles

If you look closely, you might notice that the tiles are actually layout. I'm sure some suspect there is a story behind these tiles.

First, most are wondering where was the picture taken. The fountain is located in the Moore Building (as in Moore's law. Yes, that Moore) at Caltech. There are two of these fountains built when the building was built (this is the west fountain).

In the end, other than the technical work the tile was based on our silicon Axon work while I was a Ph.D. student at Caltech. Brad (Minch) really made this particular image happen, as well as being the first author on this workr. As memories and collective stories go, as the building was being finished, everyone was looking for something that would make an interesting 1-D pattern. This circuit topology was a 1-D tilable circuit, and had a wide range of colors usedr, typical of layout.

We link the paper pdf . The tile picture was exactly what was used for fabricating the circuit presented (Fig. 1) in this reference. The reference

  • Minch, Hasler, Diorio, and Mead, "A silicon axon," in G. Tesauro, D.S. Touretzky, and T.K. Leen, Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 7, MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 1994, pp. 739-746.