Going Deeper into the Bible

Spring 2023

Introduction to the New Testament

Many Christians often state a desire to know the bible in a deeper way. There are stories you have heard, maybe in church, maybe in history, maybe in day-to-day discussions. The bible affects many aspects of history and western culture.

And yet, the structure of the Bible is not at all clear. The starting assumption is the bible is a book to be read linearly, one book after another. The bible is more of a collection of different writings, and to understand the bible deeply, one needs to appreciate the range of writings in the Hebrew Testament (HT, also known as Old Testament) and New Testament (NT).

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Introduction to the New Testament (Spring 2023)

Each session is an opportunity to discuss together that week's topic, read scripture together, and build community together. Each week there will be short videos to watch to introduce these topics. There are also suggested readings in the particular scripture one can read as your time allows.

This Litergical year (Year A) focuses on the book of Matthew. Litergical year (Year B) focuses on the book of Mark. Lliturgical year (Year C) focuses on the book of Luke.

NT Videos and Topics

NT happens and recorded in history
When were books written?
How was the NT canon developed?
NT Introduction,
NT Canon Introduction,

Mark: Earliest of Gospels
Fast paced action
Jesus School

Structural Intro to Mark,
Unique Ending of Mark (Mark 16) ,
Mark 16
Matthew: Jewish focus to those in
mixed Jewish--Christan Communities
Structural Overview of Matthew,
Issue with Matthew 27,
Matthew 27
Luke--Acts: two book volume
Luke: Jesus' life and resurrection
Acts: the early Christian church from Jerusalem to Rome.
Structural Overview of Luke--Acts,
Gospel Parallel Discussions Parallel Mark 12--Matthew 22 Example,
Birth Narratives in Matthew & Luke,
Parallel Gospel Comparison of Passion Week,

Philemon: Shows basic Letter structure Introduction to Philemon,

Philemon Letter
Galatians: Letter structure shows angry Paul
Structural Overview of Galatians,
Structure of Galatians Letter ,

1 Corinthians Structural Overview to 1 Corinthians,

Semester Topics, Videos, Discussions

Date Topic Short Summary and Questions Videos Notes
Jan 10 Group Introductions
Jan 17 NT Introduction I Videos above
Jan 24 NT Introduction II Videos above
Jan 31 Greek Session I Basic Greek Alphabet,
Basic Greek words,
Feb 7 Greek Session II Words + Basic Grammar
Feb 14 Greek Session III Greek Reading Gal Overview,
Feb 21 Greek Session IV Greek + 1 Corinthians 1 Cor Overview,
Feb 28 Gospel of John I
March 7 Gospel of John II
March 15 Intro Appocolaptic Literature Themes in Daniel?
March 21 Spring Break
March 28 John's Revelation I
April 4 Passion Week
April 11 John's Revelation II
April 18 Jesus Who do you say that I am?
Final session

Other letters to consider: 1st Thessalonians, Romans

On-Line Biblical Resources

Many biblical resources can be found on-line, and therefore are accessible on a range of electronic devices.

Bible Resources: