General Course Information and Policies

Grading: Your course grade will be based on your performance on exams and projects.

Attendance: Students are responsible for all material covered in class, including changes in project schedules announced in class. The easiest way to do poorly in my class is to skip class or not pay attention while in class; conversely, paying attention to class material strongly correlates with higher grades. Further, I will not take up class time to review information that students have missed because of being excessively late.

No photography, filming, or recording in class: I wish to minimize distractions in the class, as well as make the class an open place for discussion. I will take pictures of all whiteboards and put them on-line for you. Any other visuals used in class I will also make available electronically. If the classroom is capable of recording lecture without additional human resources, I will enthusiastically use such resources.

Academic Honesty: Although students are encouraged strongly to work together to learn the course material, all students are expected to complete projects (in the respective groups) individually, following all instructions. You may discuss project questions in large groups, but each group must independently perform and write-up the required work for each project.

All conduct in this course will be governed by the Georgia Tech honor code. Additionally, it is expected that students will respect their peers and the instructor such that no one takes unfair advantage of anyone else associated with the course. Any suspected cases of academic dishonesty will be reported to the Dean of Students for further action.