ECE 2040: Linear Electric Circuits


Tuesday and Thursday at 2:00pm--3:15pm, 3:30pm--4:45pm (Van Leer C241 )


Fall 2020 Semester 

Professor Dr. Jennifer Hasler
Office Hours T Th 1-2:00pm, 4:45pm-6:00pm
TA info TBA

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A Hybrid Class in a Covid-19 age: These class details are subject to change as the Faculty have to navigate ever changing rules and guidelines.

I teach this course typically with a number of on-line, asynchronous lectures so we have more time in class for discussions, questions, and working out problems during lecture. In this hybrid format, class lecture times will continue to focus on discussions, questions, and working out problems. We will find ways to capture what will happen in each class for the benefit of the class community. The activities in a specific class session would be too challanging to videotape during class, so capturing the class experience might include written notes or a video nugget taped after class capturing the experiences of class.

It may be possible for a student to take this course entirely in an on-line mode. We recommend you discuss these options with Dr. Hasler and get permission to take this class in a purely on-line mode.