Dendrites, Difusors, and WTA



Project Questions:

The focus of this project is to get a working dendritic line, built from a diffusor circuit approach with biasing approximating a dendrite cable diameter changes, and then pulling multiple lines together to visualize characterization behavior.

Adding Synapses and Dendrite Diameter

This section discusses adding of synapses and dendritic diameter to the initial model.

We started in a previous case that we utilize additional pFET switch devices, which are potentially already compiled and used as current sources in the previous case, where you put in a waveform in the pFET source to emulate the synaptic concepts.

Second, you will shift the effective diameter down the line, from distal to proximal direction. Remember, this effectively shifts the horizontal conductance to increase at each pFET horizontal tap, effectively giving a linear decrease in the floating-gate voltage at each tap.

Bulding a Dendritic-Modelled Neuron Classifiers

This section discusses duplicating one dendrite into two dendrites plus an additional compartment to illustrate a first dendritic-modeled neuron classifier. You will start by building the two lines, one you have already used, an additional tap, to create the classifier structure discussed by the Dendritic Wordspotting structure above. You will want to generate a sequence of inputs to demonstrate the "yes" and "no" classification.