Detailed Course Schedule and Videos to Watch

You have a total of 30 lecture watching days. You are responsible for watching all lectures before the class of that assigned day.

Week of M W F
Aug 22 MOSFET basics
SubVT Equ
SubVT Derive
Be Ready for Boards
Aug 29 Early Effect1
Early Effect2
MOSFET I source
Sept 5 No Class (Labor Day) Finish Proj #1 Proj #1 Presentation
Sept 12 Barrier Problem
Above & Sub VT FETs
Above VT qual derivation
Above VT Derivation
One Transistor basics
Common Source, Gate
Source Degeneration
Cascode Circuits
Common Source R Load
Diff Pair Diff Amp Voltage
Small Signal
First Order Filter
Linear Range
Amplifier Freq Tuning
Nonlinear Amp Dynamics
Basic FG
Intro FG Circuits
Sept 19
Sept 26 Finish Proj #2
Oct 3 Proj #2 Presentation Exam Review #1 Exam Review #2
Oct 10 No class (fall break) Exam
Oct 17
Oct 24
Oct 31 Finish Proj #3 Proj #3 Presentation
Nov 7
Nov 14
Nov 21 No Class (thanksgiving) No Class (thanksgiving)
Nov 28 Finish Proj #4 Proj #4 Presentation