Grading Information

ECE 2040 - Linear Electric Circuits


Course Grading Policy : Your grade will be determined using the following scheme:

 Four exams  65%
 Final exam  25%
 Homework  10%

Grades will be assigned on a curve; however, I will guarantee the following grades if you reach the following percentages: 89% for an A, 79% for a B, 60% for a C, and 50% for a D. Rarely does the line for a C or D move as a result of a curve; the curve for an A and B vary significantly between classes.

Examinations: Relevant information for exams

  • There will be four, closed book midterm examinations each of 45 minute duration
  • Typically three questions on each exam. Usually one question is fairly easy, and one question is fairly challenging.
  • Rules of exam: 1 sheet of notes, last exam's sheet of notes, and a calculator. All other resources are closed.
  • Each exam is basically cumulative: Every unit builds on all the previous units.
  • Expect the unexpected: The exam will be over material covered in lectures (primarily), handouts, and in the textbook, but I reserve the right to make any / all problems not look like homework problems. I expect that you get the intuition of the key concepts from the homework; in the exam, I want to see if you can apply these concepts to slightly different problems.
  • All grades become final one week after they are returned in class.
Exam Dates:
  • Exam 1: Wednesday, May 31
  • Exam 2: Friday, June 15
  • Exam 3: Monday, July 2
  • Exam 4: Monday, July 23

Final Exam:

  • The final examination will be given during the regularly scheduled time for the final exam. The final is scheduled for Tuesday, July 31 at 8:00am-10:50am.
  • We will not reschedule this examination except for valid Institute reasons.
  • You will be allowed two sheets of notes, that is you should recompile these sheets of notes from your three sheets from the in class exams.

Homework : Homework will be assigned on a weekly basis and will be checked. 

Academic Honesty: It is the responsibility of the instructor to encourage an environment where you can learn and your accomplishments will be rewarded fairly. Any behavior which compromises the basic rules of academic honesty as described in the General Catalog will not be tolerated.